Digital transformation (DX) is at the heart of business strategies for bussinesses of all sizes in Turkey, just as it is around the world. In the CIO survey conducted by IDC Turkey in May 2020, 54% of the respondents stated that they will allocate their IT budgets to digital initiatives that they deem crucial.

The digital transformation journey should start with identifying a common mission and strategic priorites, and individual projects and use cases in this context should support the overall goals and objectives of the company.

Transformation often forces bussinesses to change their Technologies processes, an deven business models, while cloud  forms  the basis of the IT architecture in any business seeking  to achieve  digital readiness and strategically transform itself  to succed  in the new economy.

Rapid application deployment, scalability, easy Access to new Technologies, interoperability, and agility are among the attractive features of cloud computing.  The most-op-to-date, fast and high-performance technology offered in the cloud environment has a direct influence on the productivity of a bussiness and reduces intial investment and operating costs.

Therefore, it can meet the two main requirements of service delivery: increased agility and lower capital investment. Today every small and medium-sized organization in every industry demands cloud services. With cloud service providers increasing awareness of the short and  long-term advantages of cloud will continue tor ise in Turkey.

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