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NOVA S/COM – Security guarantee for open networks

Today the changes in working conditions of companies have increased the need for remote communication tools. Employees had to share all kinds of commercial secrets over the communication tools. Service providers acquired the right to access their communication content through data usage permission agreements. For this, we have developed High Security Media Platform NOVA S/COM that enables companies to be service providers to their own employees and guarantees communication security even on insecure open networks.

Prominent Features

Prominent Features

The main features of NOVA S/COM, a solution developed by Netaş engineers are as follows:

Secure Communication

Encryption of communication content through coding and key exchange algorithms.

Modular Structure

Secure infrastructure with customizable hardware or software based data, audio and visual encryption options and data encryption, suitable for new corporate application needs.

Extensive Compliance

Providing communication security independent of device on 3 different platforms (Android, iOS and Desktop).

End-to-end Security

Suitable for the secure communication needs of many private sector and state institutions wishing to keep all their internal communication content confidential while working remotely.

We provide ‘security’ to insecure networks!

Now communication tools have been transformed into corporate applications for companies, they have 100% effectiveness on the efficiency of teams working collectively. Open internet networks bear great risks for malicious attacks. We have developed the high-security media platform NOVA S/COM that provides both client-to-client and client-server communication security, independent of device and operating system, even on insecure open networks, against these risks. You can provide secure multimedia communication (voice and video call, messaging, file sharing etc.) with NOVA S/COM Solution developed in the Netaş R&D Center.

What does NOVA S/COM Offer?


High security against attacks like man-in-the-middle, interception and eavesdropping.


Customized data, audio and video encryption options hardware-based with smart cards or software-based cardless.

Device Communication

Communication between two devices are encrypted through encryption and key exchange algorithms like AES256, Blowfish, TribleDES and Diffie-Hellman and all content can only be viewed within the application

End-to-end Reporting

• Standard or personalized reporting on customizable reporting pages • Tracking performance values based on person, team, product or task and monitoring on a single screen

Communication Security

Client-to-client and client-server communication security independent of system, device and operating system, even on insecure open networks.


All communication features like voice-video calling, messaging, file and location sharing.

Application Environment

Secure corporate application environment in many sectors ranging from logistics to education, with secure digital data communication infrastructure features.

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