New Generation Data Center

As Netaş, we provide end-to-end services like the design, installation, update and maintenance of the required services for the data center, we create integrated systems according to your needs with our system integration credentials.

Data Center– IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) & PaaS (Platform as a Service)

Using devices like server, storage, router, key, firewall, load balancer through leasing, without the ownership being on the user. This service is not limited to the physical device park, virtualization environments are also included.

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

It is a platform where users can develop and manage their own web applications. As it works on a lease basis, the ownership costs are reduced to zero and the users do not have to deal with the maintenance and upgrade costs of the products. The user does not need to have the know-how for setup and support of the platform, it is enough for the service provider to have this knowledge.

NFV (Network Function Virtualization)

Running the conventional network components (such as the router, key, firewall, load balancer) on the brand-independent servers of the industry as virtual devices, as if each were a network function. The device independent installation does not need to wait for new, brand dependent hardware versions for capability and capacity increase.

Network communication functions can be turned on and off at will on a single check point; it can be created instantly with a package configuration prepared at the desired geographical location. For example, through a short configuration from the center of a service provider in Istanbul, the desired data center topology can be made to appear instantly at a data center located anywhere in Turkey or the World.

Through Application Programming Interface (API) it can automate service-delivery, independent of brand, compatible with all brands that can support the overall technology in its own architecture.

SDN (Software Defined Networking)

SDN is an approach that allows different IT groups to act in coordination by gathering around the same policy, defined by the software and through API, in an application-centric manner independent of the hardware.

It is a policy-driven process-flow automation approach that facilitate and decrease the deployment and delivery times meaningfully, reducing the risk of error, critically reducing the costs. It enables different IT groups to speak the same language through common policies and much simpler and shorter completion of installation and operation processes.

As Netaş, in addition to offering continuous and sustainable installation-manintenance-support services with our “Reliable Technology Consultant” and “Turkey’s Number 1 System Integrator” identities, thanks to our R&D unit, we shape new Technologies and approaches according to the changing needs of different sectors.

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