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Visium Farm : Device Farm

Visium Farm is a device farm service that enables you to carry out your preferred tests on hundreds of mobile devices in different brands and models, determine and solve the problems, create detailed reports for your applications developed for Android, iOS or web .

With Visium Farm test your applications on hundreds of mobile phones!

Prominent Features

Prominent Features

The main features of the test automation device Visium Farm developed by Netaş engineers are as follows:

On-premise Solution

It has never been this easy to have a device farm at your own location. Moreover it allows you to write tests by only using a browser (Element Inspector).

Test Automation

You can run tests on multiple devices parallel to and simultaneously with automation tests. Test automation might decrease the time required to run the repeated tests.

Test Your Application As If You Have the Phone in Your Hand!

Compared to emulators, testing on real mobile devices always gives you more detailed results on your application. It also helps you to analyze the real end user experience more effectively.

Cost Savings

Best pricing with respect to its features. Shared use of mobile devices, increases the usage of each device while decreasing the need for more than one device at the same time.

What Does VISIUM Farm Offer?

Scalable Architecture

Scalability with server and client mode. A device can also be connected to the server for use.

Manual and Automation Test

You can run your manual tests on a single device or your automation tests on multiple devices simultaneously.

BDD & Visium GO Support

All test automation systems supporting the Standard Appium JSONWP protocol can easily be integrated.

LDAP Integration

You can carry out user management with LDAP server or Microsoft Active Directory or you can add a user to the system’s own repo and use it that way.

Multiple Language Support

It supports 3 languages and adding new languages is so easy thanks to its flexible infrastructure!


Take advantage of detailed reports to obtain better results.

Application Library Management

Keep your apk and ipa versions on different libraries. Upload automatically to multiple devices at the same time.

Rest API Support

Access all functions through successfully designed API end-points.

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