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Smart City Lighting Platform – NEOS Photon

We are in a critical period, in which efficient use of energy will determine what kind of a future we will be living. With this perspective, we designed NEOS Photon which prevents waste of resources and increases energy efficiency in smart cities.


Up to 75% savings in urban lighting

We developed NEOS Photon to save electricity and increase work efficiency in urban lighting.

NEOS Photon provides up to 75% savings in electricity by using LED lightbulbs. Supporting LoRa or NB-IoT communication Technologies, NEOS Photon enables remote management of urban lighting levels and timings, thus supporting urban security as well.

Prominent Features

Prominent Features

NEOS Photon, developed by Netaş engineers to provide electiricity savings in lighting and increase work efficiency, has the following features:

Remote Control

Featuring instant or periodic turning on/off of lighting luminaries

Advanced Reporting

Detailed reporting on consumption, electric parameters, device status and remaining lamp life


Compatibility with lighting luminaries (that support NEMA sockets) in different brand and models, integration with other platforms in API level.


Scalable and expandable architecture for increasing device need

What Does NEOS Photon Offer?

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