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We Are Behind the Digital Transformation of the Public

With our identity as a digital transformation architect, we work to facilitate the digital transformation of the public sector. We are at the center of the largest public digital transformation projects with our R&D and qualifications in system integration.

We play an effective role not only in the transformation of the public sector in Turkey but also in near geographies such as TRNC and Algeria.

Some of our reference projects we undersigned

Transformation of the Ministry of Justice

Within the frame of SEGBİS –Audio and Video Information System-, we connected 600 courthouses, 3000 courtrooms and 550 prisons to each other through a video conferencing system.

We are undertaking the new phases of the Project we began in 2012 and extending its scope.

Digital disaster management

  • Within the Disaster Management and Decision Support System (AYDES) Project for AFAD, we developed a geographic information system based decision support system where all stages of integrated disaster management can be monitored in an electronic environment.
  • With the world’s fist and only integrated disaster software AYDES, 10 thousand users in 81 cities can be rapidly coordinated on a single platform during a disaster and resources are used more efficiently.

Smart Health

  • We have designed the data centers and IT infrastructures of 4 new city hospitals.
  • Additionally, we are providing infrastructure management service to these hospitals for 5 years.

Smart Transport Technologies

  • We are developing signaling systems for railways and building their communication infrastructures.
  • Within this context, we undersigned 5 GSM-R and 2 Transmission & Telephone Infrastructure Infrastructure projects in 7 railroad projects on 1500 km.

More than 50 Smart Stadiums

  • We have implemented technological transformation projects in more than 5 stadiums.
  • . Within the context of these projects, we created centralized management, e-ticket and security systems. We renewed the technological infrastructures of the stadiums.
  • We have completed the installation, management and operations of 6300 hi-resolution cameras covering all tribunes, 11700 CCTV cameras for surveillance, 2400 turnpike and card readers, 50 game operation centers.

Urban Security Management Systems

  • We have created the infrastructure of Urban Security Management Systems projects.
  • With the Central Security System all over Turkey we have installed cameras (PTZ, box) on Mobese poles, realized License Plate Identification System, Speed / red Light Violation System, Integrated Video Monitoring Recording and Management Systems.

E-State Platform

We have provided informatics solutions in software and systems development for the E-State Platform.

New generation education infrastructure

  • Within the frame of Fatih Project of the Ministry of Education we installed local area networks to nearly 8000 schools.
  • We have enabled teachers and students to access educational documents on electronic environment.

Our Other Areas of Activity

We are bringing Turkey and its near geography to digital, with our innovative Technologies, deep know-how, qualified human resources in the field and local / international business partners!

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