Cyber Security Operation Center (CSOC)


Cyber Security Specialist


Corporate groups operating in critical sectors


Activity / Incident traffic (EPS)

We are at your side with the most comprehensive Cyber Security Operation Center (CSOC) in Turkey for enabling you to focus on the real threats among millions of notifications, respond to these threats in a way that minimizes the risk and potential loss and get maximum efficiency from your security investment using your current staff.

An integrated operation center

On the SOC infrastructure we have been operating successfully for years, we now serve not just as a conventional SIEM systems and cyber security incident management center, but as an integrated operation center that can extend to all nerve endings like end point and end user, supported by machine learning, analytics, artificial intelligence and cyber intelligence.

At the Netaş Cyber Security Operation Center we go beyond the conventional SOC approach, containing cyber intelligence fed by various resources, not ignoring end user originated threats, presenting a powerful structure integrating new technologies like EDR and UBA.


Prominent Features

Main features of our services are as follows


What does the Cyber Operation Center offer?

Our operation center carries out the following services for you!

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