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We adopt a holistic approach to cyber security within the context of “Technology-People-Processes/Harmony” in order to meet your needs like the integrated use  of different security technologies, the fast changes in technology, difficulty of finding, training and keeping  qualified employees, budget restrictions and efficient security and incident response infrastructure management.

Manage Your Risks with Holistic Cyber Security Systems

We operate at global standards where our global technology partners work in integration with leading technologies, providing services in Cyber Intelligence Service, CSOC, 24/7 continuous incident management, Red and Blue Team Services that continuously spot vulnerabilities with a hacker perspective and examine if these vulnerabilities can result in intrusions, MDR & EPP & EDR & UBA, incident response automation (IR) and phishing attack awareness,  Holistic Security and Managed Security Services and Technology Consultancy and test Services.

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What does Cyber Security Service offer?

We offer end-to-end service in compliance with global standards in our Cyber Security Operation Center, fully integrated with our global technology partners and leader technologies and operated in compliance with global standards Our center is operated in an auditable manner with the required certifications in full compliance with the laws, regulations and industry standards to which corporations are subject to.

We developed our services to include the 4 basic competencies required in the area of cyber security.

  • Prevention
  • Detection
  • Intelligence
  • Response
  • Central record keeping, record linking and reporting
  • Security incident intervention and automation
  • Information security vulnerability analysis
  • Vulnerability management
  • Continuous penetration tests
  • 24/7 cyber threat intelligence
  • VOIP security
  • Security infrastructure management
  • Legal compliance reporting
  • Brand protection
  • DDOS are connection-oriented or connectionless, volume-based, protocol and application attacks made by malicious perpetrators to prevent user access over the internet. In order to prevent these types of attacks, service providers high-capacity devices need to be rerouted to and positioned at centers that clear out DDOS traffic and enable normal traffic.
  • As Netaş we have been providing product, maintenance and service support to internet service providers for many years. We offer our expertise in DDOS solutions to our customers in DDOS solutions for corporations.
  • HSM (Hardware Security Module) devices provide data security by carrying out passcode management, message verification and especially the real-time encryption of keys called PIN (Personal Identification Number) within the network connected to a computer when the relevant applications are running.
  • We have been cooperating with Thales, the world’s market leader in HSM, for 15 years. Within this partnership, we offer our clients e-signature, e-invoice, e-archive, equipment and registered electronic mail (KEP) services.
  • Since there can be no Access to the keys stored in the HSM device, it becomes very difficult to decrypt secret information. You can upload financial seal certificate and qualified digital certificate (NES) on HSNs and obtain the capacity to make much more transactions than a smart card per unit of time. Moreover with HSM you can rapidly sign many documents or emails.
  • We serve the leading banks of the country with our qualified staff and know-how.
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is used for data security, data provisioning, sender and data field verification and message date validation. Thus, an attack on SSL keys can result in great damage. In order not to be vulnerable to such an attack, we provide high-security protection and management of the SSL keys through the Netaş expertise combined with Thales’s Nshield HSM series. We can integrate encryption / decryption process by using FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and Common Criteria EAL 4+ independently certified HSMs.
  • In bank payment systems, we offer maintenance support services for e-signature, invoice, archive and KEP services. Additionally, in case of a failure we replace the HSMs of our clients within the specified SLA periods to ensure continuous operation, thanks to the HSMs in our backup pool.

We legally handle the following processes in detail, with the consultancy of law firms:

  • Assessment of Current Risks and Threats
  • Training of Staff and Awareness Practices
  • Determining Personal Data Security Policies and Procedures
  • Minimization of Personal Data
  • Management of Relations with Data Processors
  • Ensuring Cyber Security
  • Monitoring Personal Data Security
  • Security of Environments Containing  Personal Data
  • Storage of Personal Data on Cloud
  • Provision, Development and Maintenance of Information Technology Systems
  • Backup of Personal Data

You can get a Cyber Security Insurance under the assurance of Netaş to prevent reputation, work or financial loss resulting from personal data leaks or data loss under the Personal Data Protection Authority and General Data Protection Regulation. We carry out “Security Analysis and Assessment” to show your risk exposure in case of a possible attack. We present the required measures and proposed solutions, provide your Cyber Security Insurance coverage.

Within the Cyber Security Insurance coverage, if you are faced with a cyber attack our experts carry out crime scene investigation, forensics and case loss study. We create action plans and cover your company within the terms and exceptions of our policy to minimize the effects of the attack.

The services we provide with a holistic security perspective against the  ever-growing risks and attack methods are:

  • Penetration tests to evaluate the level of your measures, to assess the current status during a cyber attack and ensure continuity of the security measures.
  • Red team activities
  • Social engineering attack tests towards company employees
  • Tightening security in systems
  • 24/7 monitoring of security incidents and response services

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