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Visium Load : Load Performance Test

We designed the cloud based, scalable load and performance test platform Visium Load, for you to test the performance of your applications during the development process in a fast and secure manner.

Visium Load has features to reboot cloud environment, adjust the traffic components, run tests and provide reports.

With Visium Load carry out the load test of your applications with the most efficient resources!

Prominent Features

Prominent Features

The main features of the load performance test platform Visium Load developed by Netaş engineers are as follows

Personal Cloud

Personal Cloud

Our platform can work integrated with any of your current Amazon, Azure, Google or Digital Ocean accounts. You can use your own cloud accounts or we can create one for you.

DevOps Integration

Make sure that new features do not affect the performance of your application by integrating the load test to your CI/CD DevOps pipelines.

Real Simulation

Real Simulation

Group your test scenarios and simulate real life usage rates.

Pay as You Go

Our credit-based payment model provides you with a flexible budget planning.

What does VISIUM Load Offer?

Multiple Geographic Locations

The required traffic to obtain the most realistic results can be created simultaneously from all around the World.

SaaS Platform

No installation or equipment! Start your performance tests on your web browser with just one click.

Real-Time Tracking and Reporting

With user-friendly screens and real-time reporting, observe the test status and resource utilization instantly.

JMeter Plugin Support

Supports custom JMeter plugins (e.g. Parallel Sampler).

CI/CD Integration

You can carry out the CI/CD integration simply with our RestFul API support.

Network Simulation

Simulation of various network technologies to understand real end user experiences like bandwidth restrictions, package download speed and delay.

Static IP Support

Static IP support before each test run so that no firewall is set.

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