Netaş Network Operation Center (NOC)

In our Network Operation Center (NOC) we monitor and check your system and network infrastructures in order to reduce your operating costs like infrastructure installation and employment of expert staff and provide continuity of your operations.



Prominent Features

The main features of our services are as follows


We report the information collected simultaneously from the devices that make up your company network, at specific time periods.


We identify potential problems in advance and eliminate them in a short time, providing a continuous, uninterrupted work flow.


We evaluate the network performance measurements and enable systems to operate in optimum performance through optimizations.


We carry out software and application management and update at a single center and on time.

What does it offer?

The main features of our services

Provides identification of all assets comprised of hardware, software, network products, documentation and related systems; recording of detailed information; tracking and reporting of history.

Provides continuity of standard methods and processes determined by your institution. In case of any changes, the effect of the change in question on service quality is minimized, facilitating the daily transactions of the company.

Provides inspection and distribution of new versions of hardware or software created by Netaş or outsourced by your company.

Provides identification, analysis and elimination of incidents during the service period according to the incident management process developed by Netaş or outsourced by your company.

Finds core problems in informatics technologies infrastructure and prevents them from recurring.


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