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NEOS Hydro is a smart water meter system that prevents most frauds and leaks across the water supply chain.

With NEOS Hydro, you can read the water index values whenever, wherever, at any period you want. Moreover NEOS Hydro has a design, which can be used in all meters with inductive output.

NEOS Hydro’s remote wireless communication technology eliminates the monthly reading cost paid per device. With the platform, water leaks and pipe bursts are instantly detected and reported, thus damages caused by possible floods are prevented.

NEOS Hydro enables customized campaigns for customers by monitoring water consumption, also preventing fraud by detecting and reporting illegal interventions.

Prominent Features

Prominent Features

NEOS Hydro developed by Netaş engineers to provide savings in water consumption, has the following main features:

Instant Status Detection

In case of illegal intervention or faults, instant reporting with alarms that can be adjusted by long or short distance communication.

Short and Long Distance Communication

Assistance in communication technologies for registering, configuration and transmission settings and transmission of data.

Low Power Consumption

10 years of service life without the need to change the battery thanks to the 2400 mAh Li-SOCI2 battery

Savings in Reading Cost

Savings in monthly reading cost paid per device thanks to the long-distance wireless communication technology

What does NEOS Hydro Offer?

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