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Netaş, the Global Face of Turkey!

Since opening up to the global market in 1990, we have transformed into a technology company realizing large-scale digital transformation projects on a geography extending from North Africa to Southeast Asia.

The telecommunication software solutions we develop in our R&D are used by more than 200 operators over the world, while we carry out our activities in the nearby geography through our sales Office in Azerbaijan as well our affiliates in Algeria and Kazakhstan.

Data centers in the desert

We have taken part in the digital transformation of the largest oil company of Africa and Algeria Sonatrach over cloud, carrying out the installation and undertaking the maintenance of 6 data centers in 4 different cities.

E-ticketing in Algeria

We have undertaken the e-ticketing Project of two stadiums in Algeria. We are initially operating our e-ticket solution that communicates synchronously with the control systems at the 117 transit points in two stadiums and counter applications at 42 sales points, in the largest stadium of Algeria with a spectator capacity of 80 thousand.

We are preparing TRNC for 5G!

In the project we are undertaking for the Telecommunication Department of TRNC, we are carrying out the installation and maintenance of IMS and number porting systems from TRNC telecommunication network. For Cyprus Telecommunication Department we have provided a more effective and modern infrastructure with our main shareholder ZTE, that will have an infrastructure compatible with the 5G technology of the near future.

Integration software from natural gas to oil production

We have been a technology business partner in the Gas to Gasoline Plant (GTG) in Turkmenistan, the first and  largest plant in the World that produces oil from natural gas. We have developed the network, telephone infrastructure, IP CCTV and card Access systems of the GTG Project as well as the integration software that enables them to work in an integrated manner.

Supporting the internet infrastructure in Kazakhstan

We are present as Netaş in Kazakhstan which aims to increase broadband internet usage with the Digital Kazakhstan Program. We support the mobile and wired internet Access infrastructure of Kar-Tel, the affiliate of Amsterdam based global telecom company VEON in Kazakhstan, with ZTE’s MiFi Router ve 4G USB modems. We provide the IPTV infrastructure service Kar-Tel offered during the pandemic period with ZTE’s Set Top Box (STB) product.

DDoS prevention service in EMEA

We provide volumetric DDoS prevention solution for one of the largest service providers in Turkey and the EMEA region. We are responsible for taking real-time measures during and attack by monitoring and management of the DDoS prevention system.

We digitize the SMEs in Australia

Within the frame of the communication Project we developed for one of the largest telecommunication service providers in Australia, we designed a system that uses 12 different web/mobile applications and cloud infrastructure to increase the efficiency of SMEs. With this system, SMEs can purchase company lines online, with their credit cards in just 15 minutes, install a virtual assistant to this number, program functions like customer reception and forwarding.

Servicing thousands of corporate clients in Switzerland

We have begun to provide communication solutions for companies at different scales in cooperation with a Swiss service provider. Our Project consists of managing SipPBX servers within the operator’s communication network by the application server we have developed. Today, thousands of corporate clients in various scales in Switzerland receive reliable service on Netaş systems.

Communication system in United Arab Emirates

We are developing a communication system compliant with the country’s regulations for the United Arab Emirates. With this project, the vast number of foreign employees in the country will be able to establish easy and affordable overseas communication.

Our Other Areas of Activity

We are bringing Turkey and its near geography to digital, with our innovative Technologies, deep know-how, qualified human resources in the field and local / international business partners!

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