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To manage today’s comprehensive jobs or projects, it is essential to use management platforms that keep up with the digital age. In order to get ahead in speed and competition, high level monitoring and operation is required for the management of the installation, maintenance, repair processes, internal and external communication, inventories, employees and customers.

Service management on a single system

We have developed the powerful service management software Mobi-fi with our years long experience in field and service management and our wealth of knowledge in new generation software technologies.

Mobi-fi service management platform enables management of the installation, maintenance, repair processes, internal and external communication, inventories, employees and customers in comprehensive jobs or projects on a single system.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface the Mobi-fi platform enables managing jobs and customers on web or mobile devices and with its SaaS structure it can be accessed from anywhere. Mobi-fi offers multiple benefits like integration with known ERP or CRM systems, simplified end-to-end solution, multiple language options and user roles or personalization of pages according to needs.

Prominent Features

Prominent Features

Mobi-fi, developed by Netaş engineers fort he management of all devices and data on IoT networks has the following features:

Modular Services

The opportunity to use one, some or all of the modules together, maps that can be processed optionally.

Flexible Access

Ability to operate on Cloud or in-premise, Access the system anytime and from anywhere, ERP & CRM integration.

User-Friendly Interface

Ability to work on personalized pages based on your needs.

End-to-end Solution

Plan and manage dynamic and fluctuating business environments from a single place.

Easy to use, mobile compatible, adaptable.

By transferring work orders to digital environment Mobi-fi reduces errors and unwanted delays and accelerate the process. Details on new work are sent to the customized application immediately or at specific times of the day to any iOS or Android mobile device. Thus your field teams have all the information they need to comlete the work through a single visit.

With Mobi-fi you can oversee the management and reporting of the current fault status, location, past records, transfer between locations of your inventory or materials which can be monitored through known coding systems like barcode and QR code, on project basis.

Mobi-fi automatically organizes the work schedules of field teams with its tactical and operational optimization algorithms. It enables allocation of the workload in the work pool to the correct, competent teams in correct order, so that you can plan and manage instant changes or additional work. 

It assists in completing the work in the shortest time by making correct assignments to competent persons in critical priority situations such as SLAThe most suitable path to reach the customer is calculated therefore reducing cost, time, labor force and resolving time.

What does Mobi-fi Offer?

Field Service Management

• Creating work orders • Map structure • Working on distributed regions • Online route finding with mobile application • Tracking work on map • Listing jobs nearby a location

Field Installation, Operations and Project Management

• Process-based Project management • Dynamic surveys • Calculating material needs • Ordering through the inventory module • Management of all moving materials in the field • Ease of handling processes through approval mechanisms

Stock and Inventory Management

• Order, delivery and material reservation structure • Debiting service • Inventory monitoring with multiple serial numbers • Inventory history

Work Order Management

• Incident / Status / Request Management • Open/close and forward tickets • Take ownership / send back to the pool • Approval process design • Duplicating tickets and linked tickets • Change vet SLA management • Timesheet and cost sharing • Reporting

Work Force and Resource Optimization

• Solution for working on distributed regions • Assigning automated/manual work orders • Decreasing SLA risks • Finding optimum route • Dynamic re-routing • Assigning work according to qualifications • Savings in time and fuel consumption

Map Support and GIS Applications

• Finding location and nearby tasks • Finding optimum route and routing • Showing field and/or inventory with maps • Search and processing features on maps

IT Services Management

• Incident, change and SLA management complying with ITIL standards • Data bank structure • IT service desk and services management

End-to-End Reporting

• Creating standard or customized reports on custom reporting pages • Measuring and tracking performance values on a person, team, product or work basis from a single screen

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