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Communication in Turkey began with us

We were established in 1967 in partnership with PTT to provide the telecommunications infrastructure of our country. Beginning with the 1970s we led a revolutionary transformation by integrating Turkey’s telecommunication infrastructure to the world. With the rural telephone exchanges we developed in our R&D center we connected the remotest villages of Turkey to the World. We have developed Turkey’s first base station, 4.5G baseband unit in our own lab.

Today, we are firstly an equipment and technology supplier for the telecommunications industry. In addition to this, we offer extensive solutions to telecommunication operators including core network solutions, multimedia applications, transmission network, wireless network solutions, managed and hosted services, application tests.

We offer the innovative portfolio of our main shareholder ZTE, leading in technologies 5G and beyond in the World, with an end-to-end service approach and strive for Turkey to develop 5G technologies by its own means.

Today, more than 200 operators in the World, from North America to Australia, use  our innovative software solutions we have developed in the area of integrated communications.

5G and Beyond Technologies

As Netaş, we continue to develop 4G LTE Technologies and create the base standards for 5G. We provide services in both communication infrastructure and vertical applications with our experienced staff and unique R&D experience that supports the latest LTE-A standards.

The high speed and very low delay times of the 5G network of which we have taken a part in creating the base standards and that will affect all industries ranging from automobile to agriculture, health to entertainment, will provide these significant improvements in communication:

  • With high speed reaching 10 Gb/s, HD films will be downloaded in a few seconds, games will be watched live in 360 degrees HD recordings.
  • With the low 1ms delay time, doctors will be able to operate surgeries remotely, in dangerous circumstances heavy equipment will be operated remotely.
  • Many critical applications that used to work on cable connections will be carried on to wireless with the reliable and high service levels of 5G.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) will become widespread with 5G. Devices will be able to connect with each other and the center at low cost.
  • 1 million devices will be supported per kilometer square (km2).
  • Devices with low power consumption will have a battery life of over 10 years.

Our Other Areas of Activity

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