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We manage Turkey’s electriciy on ‘cloud’!

In electricity, remote management, transfer of data to the system and automatic reporting, as well as the remote reading of devices are made possible with high automation systems focused on increased efficiency.

With this perspective we developed the cloud-based, smart meter platform NEOS OSOS, used to manage 14% of Turkey’s electricity distribution

Increased efficiency with high automation

We developed the automatic meter reading system NEOS OSOS, to increase efficiency in power distribution with the highest level of automation. NEOS OSOS, enables remote reading and management of electricity meters, transfer of meter data to the central system and collection of data for reporting.

The system includes features such as a custom designed panel for street lighting, Netaş’s communication protocol with low operational cost, geographical positioning and time adjustment for modem readings. 14% of Turkey’s power distribution is managed by NEOS OSOS, the cloud-based meter data management system developed by NETAŞ.

Prominent Features

Prominent Features

NEOS OSOS, developed by Netaş engineers to increse efficiency in power distribution has the following main features:

Cloud-Based Architecture

Cloud-Based Architecture

Cloud-based, multi-user architecture requiring no investment; scalable and expandable modular structure

Remote Monitoring

Remote reading of electricity data, as well as remote detection of energy loss-leaks or faults.



Structure compatible with all meters and modems regardless of brand or model.

High Capacity

Ability of taking readings from a very high number of devices and high-capacity messaging.

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