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Instant data communication will shape the future

IoT(Internet of Things) will shape the world of the future. In this new era where physical objects are connected to each other and to larger systems, real-time communication based on data will bring new opportunities.

The Future of Things

ION was developed by Netaş engineers to provide all device and data management services for IoT (Internet of Things) networks. ION, which can be deployed in both cloud and in-premise systems, has a horizontal architecture design enabling different IoT device and application providers to work under the same roof.  Isolating different types of device and connections from the application layer, ION enables innovative applications between different verticals through centralized data management.

The ION platform developed by Netaş engineers ensures end-to-end data security, while automatically scaling itself according to the changes in the volume of data traffic.

Prominent Features

Prominent Features

The main features of ION, developed by Netaş engineers to provide management of all devices and data in IoT networks:

Automatic Scaling

Has a horizontal, customizable architectural design that can be implemented in cloud or local systems.

Customizable Structure

Ensures end-to-end data security of Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

End-to-End Data Security

IoT networks and services are protected by the end-to-end encryption technique.

Easy-to-use Interface

Provides a user-friendly IoT to network and service administrators.


Multiple client or project data can be managed isolated from each other.

Enhancement through Third Party Developers

Features of a system in operation can be enhanced through new software developed by third parties.

This platform makes devices talk to each other!

As your coffee maker prompts the market nearby to deliver a package of coffee beans, a belt conveyor in the market warehouse rolls to load it to a drone which is ready to take off for the delivery, as soon as it gets the green signal, meaning that strong wind on its path now calmed down and all is clear. This is an ordinary example of what the Internet of Things (IoT) is offering. Innovative business models, new products and services based on IoT applications will make our lives much easier in the near future. At this point, the purpose of IoT devices is to connect with other IoT devices and applications to relay information using internet transfer protocols.

Only an IoT platform fills the gap between the device sensors and data networks. It connects the data network to the sensor arrangement and provides insights using backend applications to make sense of data flood generated by hundreds of sensors. When it is implemented in micro services architecture, it enables next generation engineering and deployment flexibilities.

What does ION Provide?

Device Integration

• MQTT and HTTP API / SDKs for any device connectivity • Custom device facing Cloud Gateways for 3rd Party integration • Integrate with a device within minutes

IoT Device Management

• Device / device group / gateway support • Life cycle management • Firmware and software updates • Operational metrics for devices: Flexible data definitions / template support • Virtual sensor with real-time database

IoT Data / Visualization Services

• Custom data integration support for third parties • Big data systems integration • Customizable dashboards • Embedded reporting tool • Embedded analytics engine

Open Data / Third Party Developer Services

• Running third party developer software within the platform • Technology independence in third party software • Third party software access to real-tima data with linear integration • Special management interface for third party developers • Open Data API structuring for third party software running outside the platform

Rules / Alarms / Notifications

• Device features / specific rules for analytic outputs • Conditions / sleep mode • SMS / mail notifications (predefined / customized) • Web trigger settings adjustable for all kinds of third party notifications

Multitenant Structure

• Multiple client and projects managed on a single system • Shared use of infrastructure sources • Third party developer softwares servicing all tenants • Ability to structure critical client projects on an isolated infrastructure

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