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We developed Visium GO as a BDD based automation tool that enables everyone to write, read and run automation scenarios easily.

Prominent Features

Prominent Features

The main features of the test automation device BDD Based Test Automation developed by Netaş engineers are as follows:

BDD Support

BDD Support

Utilizes the power of BDD to help software teams cooperate with test engineers and analysts. Facilitates the communication between developers and non-technical team members.

Multiple Platforms

Allows the use of and flexible crossing between all platforms it supports w within the same test scenario, ranging from mobile applications to Windows desktop applications.

Fast Writing and Running

Fast Writing and Running

Helps in writing various scenarios easily and running them quickly. Provides resolution in agile environments. In early stages, determines errors instantly as they appear, facilitates the software development process.

Editor Options

It allows you to make your BDD scenarios with the intellisense and automatic completion features of IntelliJ or Eclipse, also providing an editor that can work within the browser and needs no installation.

What Does VISIUM Go Offer?

Multiple Platform Support

The traffic required for achieving the most realistic results can be provided from all around the world simultaneously.

SaaS Platform

You can easily automate tests of all applications on the WEB, REST, SOAP, Mobile Native, MS Windows Native, SQL, NoSQL platforms.

Running on your own computer or CI Pipeline alike

Your tests run in the same way on your own computer or CI (Continuous Integration) and produce reports in the same format.

CI / CD Integration

Jenkins, Bamboo or Concourse, whichever CI tool you prefer, it can be integrated to all and not only it runs thousands of test scenarios in parallel, it also provides the option to rerun the test runs with unsuccessful results.

Detailed Reports

As proof of test results, it provides reports in HTML, JSON and XML formats that include screenshots or video recordings that can easily be read and understood with the naked eye. In error reports expected and realized results are shown clearly.

250+ Internal BDD Steps

There is no need for coding, it has more than 250 ready BDD texts that can be used in Turkish or English. It also allows you to add your customized texts.

Unbundled Configuration

BDD cucumber scenario and element description configurations are unbundled. With Xpath and css support it allows you to easily use elements that cannot have an element ID in your automation scenario.

Multiple Phone Support

It offers the option to control multiple devices (phones) in the same scenario, which is the most wanted feature in test automation of messaging applications. Group messaging and calling scenarios can be easily made.

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