Strategic Communication Solutions

We develop 100% local communication systems in world standards.

Under “Strategic Communication Solutions” we design 100 percent local, high-technology communication systems in world standards, mainly for the defense industry. Our products and solutions for the defense industry completely developed by Netaş engineers from design to the end user, consist of various military electronic and avionic system solutions for general purpose or customized for the application, mainly strategic and tactical communication systems. We carry out the design and production of defense industry products resistant to difficult environmental conditions and compatible with secure communication requirements.

Our Competency Areas: Systems Design, Hardware Design, Software, Design, Power Electronics Design, Mechanic Design,  test Center, Military Standard Studies, Field Support Services, FPGA Design, Product Integrity and Reliability

Laboratory opportunities for military and commercial communication

  • All tests in Netaş labs where both military and commercial communication system tests are run, kept in check and record by a measurement and control equipment numeration system.
  • All equipment and devices used in measurement and testing are calibrated by labs monitored locally and internationally to provide the expected measurement tolerances,  within predefined periods and according to annual schedules.

Audio, data and visual communication for tactical field

With Tactical Field Network Solutions we offer an integrated communication network completely designed and produced locally in order to provide the audio, data and visual communication required by the Turkish Armed Forces.

The IP/ATM/ISDN switching and routing products and user terminals within this context:

  • IP/ATM/ISDN switching and routing products
    • SGN/MAGN (System/Mobile Subscriber Entry Point): In-shelter Ethernet Switch and IP Router
    • IAS (Integrated Access Station): Mobile Ethernet Switch and IP Router
    • Digital Field Exchange (ISDN Based Exchange)
    • User Terminals: ISDN Terminal, ADSL Terminal
  • MOLTU (Multiple Optical Line Terminating Unit) SDH-based transmission device  
  • eMUX Ethernet/IP-based transmission device
  • In-shelter power units (1200W,  2400W, 3600W )
  • Voice Server

Underwater and surface ship communication solutions

We develop Ship Communication Systems customized for the needs of underwater and surface platforms of the Naval Forces Command. The system provides secure / insecure voice and data communication internally within the ship and externally ship-to-ship or ship-to-shore.

Our ship communication solutions contain the following hardware modules  that enable switching and control of receiving and sending lines of various types of wireless devices to provide interface to distant voice command units and data modem devices, complying with the communication plan:

IP-Based Ship Communication System Components:

  • Multiple Environment Service Device (IP User Station)
  • Multiple Environment Gateway Device (IP Audio-Data Interface Module)
  • IP Controlled Connection Module
  • System Management Software
  • Voice Recording Software
  • SIP Server Software

ISDN-Based Ship Communication System Components:

  • User Stations (Ki)
  • Numerical Control Module
  • Wireless Connection Module
  • Mechanical Connection Module
  • Analogue Connection Module
  • Numerical Connection Module
  • Power Modules
  • Operator Console Software
  • Device Remote Control Software

Local technology in world standards for mobile broadband

The hardware and mechanic design and layer software of the Baseband Unit (BBU) of Turkey’s first local base station with 4.5G technology ULAK Macro Base Station were developed by Netaş. Netaş joined the ranks of world’s leading technology companies by developing this product that supports the OFDM modulation that requires high signal processing performance and advanced-LTE features like MIMO and Carrier Aggregation and meets the mobile broadband data need in commercial and public communication.

The overall features of 4.5G macro Base Station created by Netaş are as follows:

  • 3GPP Release 14 support
  • High speed and secure data transmission with MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) feature
  • High speed data transmission with Carrier Aggregation feature
  • Adaptive support of 4 MHz, 3MHz, 5MHz, 10MHz, 15MHz and 20MHz bandwidths
  • Ability to serve 3 different operators simultaneously from a single base station with  “RAN (Radio Access Network) Sharing” feature
  • Making calls with excellence audio quality over data, without using 2G and 3G networks with VoLTE (Voice over LTE) feature
  • 4, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 MHz cellular bandwidth support

Secure data transfer with transmission solutions

In the field of strategic transmission solutions, we develop customized and advanced technology products at international standards. Within this context new generation optical networks are developed and updated with our Optical Multiplexer product TN-1XE developed for SDH networks. TN-1XE multiplexer system designed with a high integration technique and product architecture, meets the data transmission needs of military and civil institutions in a secure and cost-effective manner and at a level of quality conforming to the standards.

In the field of transmission solutions, we develop customized and advanced technology products at international standards

TN-1XE Optical Multiplexer

We have achieved to develop and update new generation optical networks with our TN-1XE Optical Multiplexer product developed for SDH networks. Meeting the data transmission needs of military and civil institutions in a secure and cost-effective manner and at a level of quality conforming to the standards, TN-1XE multiplexer system offers proven reliability with its high integration technique and product architecture.

Fiber Optic Transmission Device

MOLTU (Multiple Optical Line Terminating Unit) transmission device is used as the line termination unit of fiber optic lines. It enables E1, E2, E3 (2/8/34Mbps) ve Data (10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet) signals to be transmitted on fiber optic environment through multiplexing.

eMUX  Transmission Device

eMUX, enables E1/E2/E3 (2/8/34 Mbps) traffic to be transferred to ethernet interface and transported over IP networks or ethernet radiolink. The device has features like clock synchronization and remote management and supports IPv4/IPv6.

Our Other Areas of Activity

We are bringing Turkey and its near geography to digital, with our innovative Technologies, deep know-how, qualified human resources in the field and local / international business partners!

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