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We are advancing our localization efforts, which has saved nearly 4 billion USD for Turkey, with our main shareholder, world communication giant ZTE. With our R&D and system integration power we contribute to Turkey’s economy by producing ZTE Technologies in Turkey.

World Performance Champion Server

Netaş has localized the world performance champion server of global telecommunication technologies giant ZTE.

Netaş produced ZTE’s server products R5300 G4 and ZTE R5300 G4X in Turkey, which broke the world record in the performance tests of the most recent SPEC CPU (2017).

Netaş brand server that has a highly flexible, expandable, and scalable design for business-critical applications is capable of operating in many environments that require high performance such as Virtualization, Cloud, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with its advanced features.

Technical information about product features:

  • Next-generation server can 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® processor up to 80 cores, dense memory of up to 8 TB, and storage and fast disk options such as NVMe.
  • It can easily handle all critical and high-performance workloads with its GPU (graphics processor) accelerator support.
  • Offers superior expansion options than the products of our competitors. It handles all critical tasks smoothly and with top-level performance.
  • Thanks to its support for different virtualization platforms, it offers an ideal environment for deploying more and higher virtual machines in data centers and cloud platforms.
  • Meets different storage needs with its highly scalable storage capabilities up to 25 disk drives
  • Supporting multiple 100G network interfaces, it meets bandwidth requirements up to hundreds of Gbps (Gigabits per Seconds)
  • It is in 2U rack size which is the most preferred in the market.
  • In regards to reliability, our server supports a variety of high efficiency platinum redundant power supply units (PSUs).
  • Supports hot-swapping modules like Power Supply Units (PSUs), Disk Drives (HDD), fans to allow continuous performance.
Reaching the industry’s highest computing density. A single storage server supports up to 41 hot-swappable SAS, SATA, and SSD hard drives.
The servers support the latest generation Intel processor family, as well as DDR4 memory. The servers support high-speed 100G Ethernet interfaces.

Web-based server deployment reduces the difficulty of management and lowers administrative operating costs.

Modular design of components, hot-swappable controllers, power supplies, and fans, as well as disk bays with the drawer design, all contribute to simple replacement and maintenance procedures.

The 80 PLUS Platinum power supply with a conversion efficiency up to 95% is used. Intelligent fan speed control and CPU frequency conversion are also available.

FTTx Fiber Infrastructure Systems

As Netaş we designed Turkey’s first local 4.5G base station and now we are providing local solutions for the fiber infrastructures  required for the infrastructure of 5G and Beyond. 

We have started to produce the FTTx fiber infrastructure systems of ZTE in our production facilities in Orhanlı, receiving a Domestic Goods Certificate from the Istanbul Chamber of Industry.

Product Features

Türk Telekom FTTx Project is utilized in active Access systems.
It is an outdoor external active access system cabinet.
In IP55 protection standards, the outer body is in t=3,00mm thickness aluminum and double-walled, the base and internal fittings are grade 304 stainless structure.
Total port capacity: 256 port active and 380 port local
It can provide a maximum of 128 port x DSL and/or 256 port Voice (POTS) service.
220V AC
Height: 90cm, Width: 36cm, Length: 55cm, Weight: 10kg

Prominent Features

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