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Move event management to smart platform!

Organization management, product and stock information, pricing, ticketing, sales, delivery, multiple channel experience, reporting and more… Can all these processes required for an event be managed on a single platform? We developed the event management platform to meet this requirement.

Event management on a single platform

The ticketing technology behind the smart stadium project is developed and exported with the Passolig experience, and event management and ticketing gain a new dimension by transferring them completely to a digital environment.

Event management platform provides solutions to all kinds of needs through modules providing flexible, end-to-end solutions on Microsoft Azure Cloud, also enabling you to create custom sales and loyalty campaigns based on insight.

Totally eliminating the paper ticket, it was designed to manage large-scale events in all kinds of scenarios from a World cup to a sports league or a concert.

Prominent Features

Prominent Features

Comprehensive Solution

An all-in-one solution bringing together CRM, e-ticketing, corporate sales and campaign management

Cost Optimization

Opportunity for multi-channel sales, optimization of costs by managing on a single platform

Flexible Architectural Structure

Cloud-based, scalable and upgradable architectural design

Custom Pricing

Dynamic pricing according to the venue structure, zones, blocks and even particular seats

Sports and event spaces are transformed into entertainment centers!

We designed Eventizer for the management of e-ticket infrastructure, accreditation, event management, network and system configurations, custom sales and loyalty campaign management in stadiums, olympic stadiums and event spaces. With Eventizer you can design insight-based, custom sales and loyalty campaigns, thus increasing your revenues and customer satisfaction, also optimizing your costs.

Eventizer is an all-in-one, easy-to-use and cloud-based event management platform, gathering customer relations management, e-ticketing, corporate sales and loyalty campaign management together, designed in a scalable and upgradable architecture. Eventizer, enables you to create custom sales and loyalty campaigns and carry out sales on all channels.

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