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Stadiums Can Also Be Smart

Sports, theater, and music that have been a bond for humankind for centuries are currently undergoing rapid transformation. Today, while concert halls and stadiums are illuminated with the lights of thousands of cell phones, tens of thousands of people can share these moments with their loved ones far away. Moreover, special offers and advantages can be provided for the crowds attending the events with tickets purchased online. Thus, organizers obtain new channels to increase their revenues.

For us, technology is meaningful when it provides a better life for humanity. Within the scope of the Smart Stadium Project, we have been carrying out with The Turkish Football Federation (TFF) since 2014, we have transformed over 50 stadiums to smart entertainment centers.

Today, we have established the most comprehensive electronic ticket infrastructure in the world.

We have prepared the IT infrastructure by making the network installations, game operation centers, stadium data centers, CCTV surveillance systems and access control systems. Now these facilities are smart stadiums!

We have also undertaken the installation of the data center in İstanbul Gayrettepe, data recovery center in Ankara Ümitköy and the Main Game Operation Center of the Turkish Futbol Federation in Riva.

Within the scope of the TFF projects, we have prepared high-speed Wi-Fi and e-ticket infrastructure for thousand of visitors at the same time. Thanks to the beacon infrastructure in our system we also offer personalized campaign, smart parking spot and closed area location services.

We also continue the maintenance and network/system operations services of Spor Toto Süper Lig and Spor Toto 1. Lig stadiums.

Algeria uses our technology

We have carried our experience in smart entertainment to Algeria. We provide integrated solutions in the 50,000-person stadium and 600 person track & field project “Tizi Ouzou Stadium Complex”. We make our presence felt in global arenas with our solutions compatible with international standards determined by FIFA.

Our Project mentioned as one of the most significant examples of Algeria’s digital transformation includes IP CCTV, fire alarm, carbonmonoxide detection, announcement, SMATV, Access control, central clock system, lighting automation system, broadcast system, stage management for both stadiums and athletic fields, LED screen and car park systems.

Providing an integrated solution by integrating multiple low voltage systems differentiates this Project. Our project incorporating many new Technologies in international standards will be an important experience for us.

New Generation Informatics Infrastructure for the New Age Airport

In today’s world, all means of transport embody a very detailed planning and intersystem relationship network. A fast, continuous, and secure communication infrastructure is crucial for the healthy running of this planning and network.

Thanks to our long-established experience in mobile broadband and network infrastructure we are proud to be present with our information and communication technologies in the backbone of transportation that connects Turkey to the World.

We aimed for excellent service in Istanbul Airport, one of the most important projects in the history of our Republic, because the Istanbul Airport is making our country one of the world’s most significant hubs in the transportation network today.

We have created the infrastructure that provides simultaneous, continuous, fast and secure internet to 55,000 people. Thus, waiting times of customers in passport, customs points and check-in counters have been reduced, maximum operational efficiency was obtained.

Network! We broke another record!

We broke another record in Turkey in network coverage by establishing nearly 5,000 access points for all the cable/wireless area networks of the Istanbul Airport. Thanks to this broad wireless connection network passengers can obtain continuous and secure internet service from the carpark to take-off. Moreover, all operations including security, customs points and duty-free shops serve through this infrastructure.

The only cloud on your flight, the data cloud

We were not willing to settle with all these, so we carried out the installation of the data center cloud automation system center of the Istanbul Airport with an innovative approach. The Loyalty Program created with the system we designed, offers various services and facilities to passengers. Now Istanbul Airport passengers can easily access all information and changes regarding their flights. Moreover, the switchboard system, car parking system and special campaigns are carried out on the Loyalty Program implemented with this system.

76,5 million square meters on a single screen

With the Data Center Performance Monitoring Project, we have undertaken in the Istanbul Airport, error and performance data of all informatics infrastructure components of the airport are managed on a consolidated monitoring screen.

Thus, IT operations will be realized in a much faster and more efficient manner. All alarm and incident data belonging to thousands of systems operated by the airport management will be monitored all the time, easily. Moreover, thanks to this system a high rate of cost efficiency will be achieved. We aimed to extend the benefits obtained by the airport management beyond the IT components through IT external error and incident reporting that will be included in the system. The importance of our work increases even more as it will be one of the largest projects realized in Turkey in the field of IoT. Airport IT teams will be able to proceed more rapidly, efficiently, and faultlessly by utilizing artificial intelligence solutions while they are looking for the root reasons of possible problems.

We have found a way to make 200 million people happy.

We have brought the service management of the airport to the highest level with modern, practical practices with the Airport Service Management System Project. We aim to increase the efficiency of service resources with the system where all service steps are measured and reported instantly.

These solutions that enable the recording and management of all potential problems in the Istanbul Airport which is expected to serve 200 million passengers per year, on an area of 76.5 million square meters are among the vital points of the airport management

This structure, integrated with hundreds of systems from building automation systems to lighting control and monitoring systems, from fire detection and warning to airplane climatization systems provides the benefit of centralization and ensures high service quality.

Artificial intelligence applications in our system provides the advantage of a faster and more qualified service by preventing human related mistakes.

We have put the communication in railways on track

Railways, which used to be the engine in merchandise and commodity transport in past centuries, now incorporate trains that reach breathtaking speeds like 400 kilometers and hour. Of course, in such high speeds, fast and reliable communication is of utmost importance for railway operators.

With our experience in mobile broadband, we provide end-to-end GSM-R solutions for railway networks. With GSM-R, a wireless and secure broadband communication standard optimized for railways, we provide high-performance connectivity and efficiency to railway operators.

Up until today, we have participated in 8 railway communication projects. We have established the GSM-R infrastructure for the Marmaray High Speed Train Project. Within the scope of Sivas-Yerköy Fast Train Project, we are continuing the installation of the GSM-R station, GSM-R radio communication network and cable network communication infrastructure.

In addition to the high-speed train lines, we provide solutions for TCDD (Turkish State Railways) line modernization projects and continue our works in the Bandırma-Menemen Project.

Cities are now smarter

Our Internet of Things (IoT) platform ION we developed 100% locally in our R&D center provides a brand new, powerful infrastructure that increases the savings and efficiency of local administrations in smart city applications.

Within this scope, we have initiated the Taksi Kep Project with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. By means of the data collected through sensors placed atop the taxis, information like weather, road and traffic conditions can be evaluated and analyzed. Again, with the Sarı Kamyon (Yellow Truck) Project realized through ION, the aim is to prevent unlicensed piling excavation by tracking earth-moving trucks.

Health to Turkey, Thanks to Our Intelligence

We have completed the data center and network infrastructure installations of 3 city hospitals in out country. After the Yozgat and Adana hospitals, we have completed the technological infrastructure of Elazığ City Hospital in 2018. The end-to-end redundant systems we built ensure uninterrupted operation in our hospitals.

Now information systems in hospitals work in integration with each other, all kinds of medical devices can send information to each other through networks. Moreover, as x-ray, report and analysis documents are directly viewed by the doctors the diagnosis process is made shorter. By means of the computers and tablets installed in the hospital, the data entries are faster and outpatient processes are easier.

During the operation period that we served we provided network 24/7 in the field and maintenance of system components and peripheral equipment. In the coming period, we will be installing the informatics infrastructure of Bursa City Hospital as well.

Moreover, we are installing all network, telephone, low-voltage current and automation systems of the 180-bed capacity Kayı Ouargla Military Hospital in Algeria.

We provided emergency help

Within the 112 Emergency Call Management System Project initiated with Aselsan; we have

in the project that aims to provide emergency help services in a fast and efficient manner, the works on the city centers in New Generation 112 Emergency Call Center Systems are being carried out.

We removed the barriers

We have completed the third phase of the Seeing Eye Project conducted by the Ministry of Transport Maritime and Communications with the Ministry of Family and Social Policy as a contractor.

Within this Project that provides independent mobility and social life integration to visually impaired citizens, we have carried out the distribution of a total of 15,000 Seeing Eye devices in 67 cities

With the Seeing Eye device, users can command the device by voice, they can go anywhere they want without help with the navigation feature, they can send their location by message and benefit from the smart phone features.

Baseband Unit for the Turkey’s First Local 4.5G Base Station

We led the digital transformation of public institutions and establishments by developing products and solutions that increase efficiency, communication and mobility. We offer solutions for the needs of public institutions and establishments with our R&D competencies, know-how and experts on different fields.

We Work for Nondestructive Disasters

The Disaster Management and Decision Support System (AYDES) we developed for the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) is in use since 2018. AYDES, which we developed for the management of all stages of a disaster on digital environment and efficient use of resources is among a handful disaster management systems in the world.

Within the scope of the Project, we developed a geographical information system based decision support system that enables all phases of disaster management to be monitored on electronic environment.

Thanks to AYDES, in case of a disaster or emergency, resources will be managed efficiently, and the command process will run smoothly. AYDES is being used by 7,000 active users in 81 provinces in 8 ministries, Red Crescent, institutions/establishments, NGOs, and provincial organizations taking part in national disaster management.

AYDES runs in integration with more than 30 internal and external systems and shares “Assembly Areas in Case of Disaster or Emergency” information with all citizens.

The skills of AYDES:

  • Preparation of danger and risk maps according to disaster types
  • Prediction of the effects of a potential disaster according to disaster and emergency drills
  • Management of post-disaster works through the decision support system
  • Management of post-disaster recovery processes
  • Field data collection through mobile applications and transfer to the central database
  • Dynamic and instant reporting on the display panel with the decision support system

Our Technology is at Work in City and School Security

We signed off with Aselsan: City Security Management System Agreement. Within this scope, we are carrying out the infrastructure, construction, assembly and maintenance and repair Works of the “City Security Management System and License Plate Recognition System” established with the aim of increasing the order, security, and supervision power of Provincial Security Directorates in 80 provinces.

Within the scope of the Safe School Project carried out by the Ministry of Education, the schools and their surroundings will be able to be viewed live on the camera systems integrated to the City Security Management System by the Provincial Security Directorates and KGYS Centers. Within the project we are carrying out the installation and integration of all network, system, camera and infrastructures of 762 schools in 71 provinces across Turkey.

We Have Connected the Court to the Prison

We have cooperated with the Ministry of Justice to increase channels of access to courts by connecting courts, courtrooms and prisons to each other through multimedia tools. With the SEGBIS Project we have provided video conferencing infrastructure, platform and service to 600 courthouses, 3000 courtrooms and 550 prisons in Turkey.

Giant Project to Northern Cyprus

We carry out projects undertaken by Türksat for the Transportation and Infrastructure Ministry within the scope of TRNC e-State Program that aims to transform public organizations and institutions to e-organizations.

TRNC e-Population System Project

The most important Project in the first phase of TRNC e-State Program. We have shaken hands with Türksat at the end of 2012. We have completed the process successfully, also undertaking the warranty, care, support, and maintenance services for 3 years.

Within the scope of the Project, we have realized all detailed analyses, software design and development, integration with other organizations and systems, test, installation, start-up, training, data digitizing and consultancy services. We have digitized millions of demographic data on the physical environment by entering them to the system we developed.

Thanks to the e-Population system we designed, new identity numbers are given to citizens. Biometric data are collected, and e-identity cards are printed. e-Identity applications are made on the e-Population System working in integration with the e-Identity system.

TRNC e-Legal (Electronic Companies Central Registration System) Project

Thanks to our success and experience in the TRNC e-Population System Project, we have also undertaken the e-Legal and e-Customs projects in the second phase of the e-State program.

The project we created for TRNC e-Legal System is comprised of detailed analysis, software design and development, integration with other institutions and systems, test, data digitizing, data transfer, hardware provision, installation, configuration, start-up, training/technical support, 3-year warranty, maintenance, support, and integration activities.

Thanks to this project, up-to-date information on legal entities are collected on a centralized structure and the security of these information are ensured. Moreover, it is aimed for all stakeholders making transactions on various legal entity information or requiring legal entity information to access these information at a single point.

TRNC e-Customs / Customs Information System (GBS) Project

We have developed the e-Customs Information System, keeping technological advancements and e-state criteria in mind. The project is comprised of detailed analysis, software design and development, integration with other institutions and systems, test, data digitizing, data transfer, hardware provision, installation, configuration, start-up, training/technical support, 3-year warranty, maintenance, support and integration activities.

With the actualization of Customs Information System Project in the TRNC Customs and Duties Department, a high-quality, contemporary service level, complying with the European Union customs legislations and world trade norms in terms of the administrative organization of customs, documentation, and work processes.

Baseband Unit for Turkey’s First Local 4.5G Base Station

The only 4.5G laboratory in Turkey apart from the labs managed by GSM operators, is being used by our R&D center. Our R&D team is also among the names behind the ULAK Project.

ULAK Macro Base Station is the first 4.5G compatible base station developed locally in Turkey and comprised of a baseband unit (BBU) and remote radio unit (RRU). It was developed completely by our engineers including hardware and mechanical design containing BBU; physical layer, MAC layer, timer, RLC and PDCP software, design of IPv4, IPv6 protocols and X2, S1 protocols.

The product has the Release 11 feature that meets the mobile broadband data requirements in commercial and public communication.

We are proud to be among the few centers that can offer a complete BBU.

Solutions Customized for Finance

We provide services in the banking and insurance industries that require a high level of expertise such as testing, data center setup and maintenance, network setup and cyber-security.

We have realized projects like Ziraat Cisco ACI Project in the area of SDN, Finansbank OKI ATM Project in payment systems, Ergo Insurance Test Services Project, Borsa Grup (Borsa İstanbul, Takasbank, MKK) and DC NW.

We began serving a financial institution for the first time in cyber-security services with Ergo Insurance. We have undertaken projects like product procurement and maintenance and POS maintenance for Halkbank Fortinet, mobile test automation consultancy for Credit Bureau of Turkey, firewall procurement for Fortinet, video conferencing and device farm solution.

Ziraat Technology consulted us!

We provide technology service to the most deep-rooted public bank of Turkey with a 155 year past, Ziraat Bankası and Ziraat Bankası subsidiaries. We manage all testing processes of Ziraat Technology within the scope of the “Banking Applications Testing Service” Project. We are responsible for creating test automation strategies, Project/resource management, training of the testing team, monitoring work quality, reporting, determining and utilization of the required automation tools.

Digital transformation in the energy sector with NEOS

We support the digital transformation in the energy sector with 100% local technologies. With Netaş Energy Automation Systems (NEOS) we provide digital infrastructure for the energy and resource management of cities.

We have designed a system that enables reading and managing the electric meter data automatically on a cloud base: NEOS OSOS (Automated Meter Reading System)

With the new system electric consumption can now be determined easily, saving in labor and time. Moreover, demand can be budgeted in real time, easily invoiced and energy loss detection and consumption forecasts can be collected.

Today, nearly 4% of Turkey’s electric distribution is realized through OSOS. Nearly 80,000 electric meters are read remotely. The system used by the two electric distribution companies in the field, also carries out the management of street lighting systems in 5 provinces (Aydın, Muğla, Denizli, İzmir and Manisa). Within the scope of the project important tasks like monitoring the consumption data of eligible consumers, tracking the alarms in the field, lighting management and transformer load optimization.

The benefit of NEOS in resource management is applied to water meters by NEOS Hydro. Losses and leaks are prevented by water meters read remotely. NEOS Hydro is now being used by a Metropolitan Municipality.

Big city, big savings

NEOS Photon which we developed to increase efficiency and savings in urban lighting, was delivered to be used in a local municipality in Istanbul. This platform which enables all devices in the field to be monitored instantly and in real time, automatically detects failures. It also directs field operation teams to help fixing the failure in the shortest time. NEOS Photon provides up to 75% electric savings in urban lighting.

Informatics infrastructure that provides equal opportunity in education

The Ministry of Education’s Movement to Increase Opportunities and Technology (FATİH) Project is one of the largest projects realized in Turkey for the digitalization of education. We have established the informatics infrastructure of nearly 9,000 schools within the scope of FATİH Project.

We have built a high-speed broadband internet infrastructure for new generation smart classrooms. We have provided access for educational documents and communication requirements of teachers and students in an electronic environment.

VIO Academy, a solution developed by our online and remote education tools R&D Center, is a result-oriented and efficient remote education tool, which can be used without the need for installation, providing a cost advantage to educational institutions.

VIO Academy, providing a virtual classroom with simultaneous and multiple video connections, enables working on the same document with screen sharing and working on the same board with smart board sharing features.

The first pilot application of VIO in higher education institutions was realized in Isparta Applied Sciences University. VIO connects the university with the students doing out-of-town internships, thus academicians can support their students by monitoring them on video.

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