Microsoft Operation Center

Netaş Microsoft Operation Center, where we provide Microsoft solutions that boost efficiency with the experience and competency of expert Netaş staff, has been designed to support you in all your needs, in all steps of the way.

As a solution partner for nearly 200 companies including Turkey’s largest institutions and organizations, Netaş has received more than 20 awards, such as ‘Business Partner of the Year’ and ‘Project of the Year’ throughout these collaborations lasting for more than 25 years. It has also been selected as Microsoft Country Partner in 2017.

When you contact us, we determine your needs together and we carry out the integration of Microsoft solutions for these needs with our end-to-end service approach. Moreover, we inform you on the new developments in advance, providing proactive support in all areas like operating, training and maintenance.

Main Benefits We Can Provide You with our End-to-end Solutions

  • Increasing Your Service Quality
  • High Performance and Productivity
  • Low Cost
  • Low Risk
  • Supporting Business Continuity

Managed Services

Managing both daily IT operations and relations with multiple service and product suppliers is quite a difficult and strenuous process for all organizations. Acquiring management of all information and communication technology environments from a reliable service provider increases productivity.

For this purpose, we offer “Managed Services”, based on a model compatible with unique infrastructures and needs. In cases requiring specialized expertise or having restrictive parameters like time and cost, we decide on the most appropriate solution with our customer and promptly put it into practice.  With our broad ITIL experience, we help our customers to focus on their main field of activity and decrease IT investment costs.

In line with the developing technologies, institutions and organizations increasingly request management of their IT infrastructure and transition to cloud. Today, many organizations plan to invest in cloud Technologies, however they have questions on executing an integrated transition. Adding budget restraints to the difficulty of finding, training, and keeping competent staff, all organizations feel the challenge of effectively managing, monitoring and operating an incident response infrastructure while keeping up with the rapid change in technology.

The Microsoft Operation Center we have structured to meet all these needs and for organizations to get the maximum efficiency from their cloud investments using their existing employees, is operated in global standards where expert staff work 24/7 and global technology partners and leading technologies in their fields operate in integration. On the other hand, we proactively monitor the system and network infrastructure with service monitoring tools, and we ensure that possible problems that might arise in our applications are detected in advance and the necessary precautions are taken against them.

Our Network Operation Center established for this purpose, offers network monitoring and management support in order to provide the most qualified service for the central management of businesses by keeping the costs of the installation of necessary infrastructure and employment of relevant staff to a minimum, in line with the system integrator vision of our institution.

Microsoft Operation Center

Cloud Ultra Support Packages

The skills and services of Netaş experts are included in the standard prices of Office 365 and Azure products.

Gain competitive and cost advantage with cloud.

As Netaş, we serve with Microsoft’s complete family of solutions. We share the most current competencies regarding cloud with you and ensure that you benefit from all new developments.

Cloud Ultra Support and Operating Levels

While we provide high-quality operating and support services to you in 4 different levels, you can focus on your main line of business to boost productivity.

Office 365 Ultra Operating and Support Package

Bring flexibility and mobility to your organization with the Office 365 Ultra Support Package. Enhance your competitive power in local and global markets.

Azure Ultra Operating and Support Package

With our competent and experienced team, we are by your side in configuration of cloud infrastructure, running the services and applications, transfer, monitoring and operating the existing systems.

Business Continuity Package

Protect all of your important IT systems with the leading cloud infrastructure and our ultra support.

SAP Packages

Boost your business performance with our ultra support in Azure solutions approved by SAP and Microsoft.

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