Positioned at the very top of power generation and supply chain, Enerjisa Üretim maximized its business continuity with a digital transformation project implemented in cooperation with Netaş and Microsoft…

The digital transformation story began with the intend of supplying uninterrupted power to Turkey powered by a joint cooperation from Microsoft and Netaş.

Enerjisa Üretim implemented a digital transformation project with a flexible, uninterrupted and safe IT infrastructure by transferring all processes to cloud in cooperation with Netaş and Microsoft. As a result, Enerjisa ensured optimum business continuity and efficiency during the pandemic with an alternative to office and field operations.

Uninterrupted power means uninterrupted freedom

Enerjisa CIO, Ali İnal emphasizes that as Enerjisa Üretim, they do not look at their operations merely from a commercial point of view but consider it to be a struggle well aligned with the goals of Turkey and says: ‘‘To our country, power means uninterrupted communication, uninterrupted health care services and uninterrupted freedom. We actually believe that our responsibility is to ensure our people’s well-being and health, and also to provide them an environment in which they can execute their jobs properly and live happy lives with their families.’’

Flexible and uninterrupted digital transformation

Ali İnal says that their aim was to gain control of management though a single platform, as much as possible, when deciding to go with Microsoft products and the expertise of Netaş and also states that they did not exclude the field from any operation, transformation, digital function or development. İnal says: ‘‘We have a central control mechanism but our core remains to exist within the context of the experience we obtain from the field and the significance of the production we realize at the field. Therefore, we wanted to conduct our digital transformation in a way that suits the needs of the field. We made a very meticulous plan with Netaş to get the systems up and running, and to ensure no interruption would occur during the process. From this perspective, the installation project we conducted with Netaş was very critical to us. Netaş came up with a smooth plan to correctly adapt Microsoft products and we managed to realize that plan. This orchestration was made possible with joint contribution from both the corporate and IT teams’’.

No business continuity issues were raised during Covid-19

Ali İnal notes that during the pandemic employees were able to continue their lives and operations without any interruption as they were sent home as a result of health and safety concerns; however, during this period it also became critical to be able to manage a plant from another or from a remote center in case of a risk event.  İnal says: ‘‘This is exactly where we benefited from Senkron and Microsoft 365 transformation, the critical systems on Azure and positioning, which all made major contributions in terms of business continuity during the Covid-19 pandemic’’.

Development of end-to-end operability experience

İnal also says: ‘‘Developed with Microsoft 365 and conceptualized by Netaş, this work has given us the concept of end-to-end operability. During this period, we were able to realize Covid-specific developments on these platforms way more smoother. Apart from that, capabilities such as Infrastructure Sustainability, Safety, Accessibility, Traceability and Exchange of Information were instantly achieved at the time of platform installation”

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