•  Netaş recorded a year-on-year growth of about 170 percent in telecommunication technologies (telco) segment sales, as the company deepened its business in telco with ZTE, keeping its operations running without any interruption during the pandemic that accelerated the digital transformation. The company saw a significant rise in its sales revenue, reduced its OPEX, and increased its gross profit by 11 percent. The company’s EBITDA margin rose from 1.5 percent to 4.7 percent.
  • Netaş CEO Ali Emir said, “In 2020, we kept the rise in our sales revenues by swiftly and professionally responding to our country’s emerging digital needs with the New Normal, while continuing to grow in telecom, our strongest muscle, with ZTE. We will increase the pace of our work as “Turkey’s pioneering innovation and digital transformation company”, through synergy with the world’s leading technology provider ZTE, our broad business partner network, our deep-rooted know-how, engineering skills, and the transformative power of technology.”

Turkey’s leading innovation and digital transformation company Netaş announced its financial results for the year 2020. Accordingly, Netaş increased its sales by a striking 31 percent to ₺1.7 billion TL in 2020. The gross profit of the company increased by 11 percent to ₺177 million. Netaş recorded a growth of 20 percent in its total assets, increasing from ₺2 billion to ₺2.4 billion, while the company’s EBITDA margin rose from 2.5 percent to 4.7 percent.

Commenting on the results, Netaş CEO Ali Emir Eren said, “We left behind a challenging year when all the world passed through social and economic struggles due to restrictions related to the pandemic. In this period, when billions of people experienced another life based on social distance, digitalization emerged as an exigence and an opportunity at the same time. It is well understood that many digital needs, which had been postponed as they were seen only as a cost center, are in fact vital for the sustainability of processes. In this period, despite the uncertainty and difficulties, we continued our operations without any disruptions, as Netaş always bears the responsibility of serving in a strategically important industry for our country. We mobilized our knowledge and resources to minimize the negative effects of the pandemic for our society and to ensure that the economy and life in our country can continue uninterruptedly.”

Our solution set for telecom operators is expanding

“The diversified services we offer with the software solutions we have developed for telecom operators in our R&D increased our sales volume in the telecom market,” said Mr. Eren, underlining the significant growth Netaş recorded in 2020, with ZTE, especially in telecommunication technologies, the strongest muscle of Netaş. “Our localization efforts, which started with ZTE’s FTTx fiber infrastructure systems, continued in 2020 with VDSL Modem and Fiber Modem (Home Gateway). We implemented a fixed core network modernization project with one of our operators. The tests of digital services offered to mobile subscribers were tested successfully. Together with ZTE, we aimed to increase our efficiency in the telecom market by focusing on advanced technologies such as the next-generation IPTV platform, as well as our localization activities,” he added.

Signed three contracts with Turkcell

Eren said that Netaş made a strong start to the new year in telco and signed three contracts with Turkcell Sales and Digital Business Services, totaling ₺138 million. Accordingly, Netaş CEO said, they will implement the installation of the infrastructure of new generation 112 emergency call center project of Turkcell in 13 provinces.

Providing testing services to nine financial institutions

“The benefits of our products developed by Netaş R&D, including remote management of resources such as energy and water, field service management, event management and IoT platform have become highlighted with the “new normal”. In the meantime, the increase in e-commerce and online banking volume created higher interest for our load performance test, device park, and test automation system products.” Mr. Eren explained. “We are now providing test services to nine financial institutions, including the top four banks of Turkey,” he underlined.

“With remote working becoming new normal, the importance of cybersecurity has increased, and it has become vital for companies to keep their networks stable,” Mr. Eren said. “This year, we started to provide managed services to one of Turkey’s largest airports. In the coming period, we will focus on ensuring the managed services we provide through BDH, our power in the field with its coverage throughout Turkey, are delivered with the maximum efficiency and professionalism that our customers need.”

We are in Qatar for the World Cup

“We implemented the largest international digital transformation project of 2020 in Qatar,” Netaş CEO continued. “The digital sports and customer experience platform project we have undertaken in Qatar, which is preparing to host the World Cup in 2022, is successfully commissioned in the final match of the Emir of Qatar Cup. The system was used successfully in the 2020 FIFA Club World Cup final between Bayern Munich and Tigres.”

Underlining the growth recorded in international markets, despite unfavorable circumstances primarily in Algeria, Kazakhstan, and TRNC, in addition to Qatar, Mr. Eren said, “We won new telecom projects with ZTE in Kazakhstan. The process of completing the projects we had previously undertaken in Algeria and the TRNC has begun, and we took a new project in the TRNC.”

BDH enlarges its portfolio

“At BDH, our ICT support and services providing company, operations have been continued by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level,” Netaş CEO Ali Emir Eren said. “While continuing to provide trouble-free service to corporate customers including HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Turkish Football Federation, the Border Security among others, a series of new projects have been started during the pandemic. The most prominent ones among the new projects include Vodafone Turkey’s Izmir Center infrastructure installation, Borsa Istanbul’s Data Center infrastructure maintenance, Şekerbank DRC transport projects, Akbank HCS data center migration, and switch changing project for TEB branches with Turkcell. In addition to these, we will provide repair services for mobile devices sold through Türk Telekom’s dealer network throughout Turkey.”

We continue to support the public’s digital transformation, this time with NVIGM

Mr. Eren highlighted the role of Netaş in the digital transformation of the public. “As a company digitally transforming various segments of the public sector we took part in various projects including the city hospitals, railroad signalization systems, and the infrastructure of the City Security Management System. A new fully map-based version of AYDES, which we developed for the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) and serves more than 10,000 users in 81 provinces was brought alive in 2020 and started to be used in the field,” he said.

Lastly, Mr. Eren pointed out that they signed a contract worth ₺184 million with the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs (NVIGM) and said, “Accordingly, we have undertaken the procurement of central and provincial general maintenance, development, and updating services in 2021”.

n-telligent institute: The business partner of the ecosystem in technology training

“The n-telligent institute, offering the in-depth and versatile technology experience of Netaş and its experience in agile project management to professionals from all sectors, gained significant experience in 2020,” Netaş CEO said, “We are working to get n-telligent institute, where the 53 years of ICT knowledge of Netaş was made available to all ecosystem, adopting an educational approach focusing on both technical and social skills become an advanced technology training center not only in Turkey but also in its region.”

Starting to write the success story of the next 50 years

“With our belief and passion in the transformative power of technology, we are starting to write the success story of a new 50 years at Netaş together with 2,500 talents. In this period, we will accelerate our efforts to be “Turkey’s pioneering innovation and digital transformation company”, together with precious talents we have, our heritage, valuable business partners, and global power of ZTE, leading world technology trends,” Mr. Eren wrapped up.

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