Investment from USA to Turkey’s engineering power

US based digital transformation and product development services firm Orion Innovation in line with its growth strategy in North America, Europe and Asia has invested in a carveout of Netaş’s company NetRD which develops telecom solutions for international markets from USA to Australia, has invested in NetRD Information Technologies and Telecommunications.

Orion Innovation will expand NetRD in its extensive global network with investments.

Ali Emir Eren, Netaş CEO said, “Having such an investment from the USA, which is one of the top countries leading the world with technology, is an indicator of the trust in our country and our country’s engineering power. We have attracted an investment to our country in the field of technology, which is the most critical development indicator for countries of today. This investment is also an important contribution to Turkey’s perception of the country that develops new generation technologies in the world. We will continue to support our country’s development by focusing on technology exports, continuing our R&D investments and strengthening our engineering muscle.

Turkish global technology brand Netaş’s company NetRD that develops technologies for large telecommunications operators in many countries like USA, Canada and Australia has been acquired by Orion Innovation as part of its Digital Product Development Division (MERA Switzerland AG).

Orion Innovation has made a strategic investment in NetRD in line with its growth targets in the North American and European markets. Orion offers digital transformation and digital product development services and solutions to Fortune 100 companies and other global enterprises, with offices located in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia as well as 10 innovation centers around the world.

The investment reflects Turkey’s R&D and engineering strength

Ali Emir Eren, Netaş CEO said: “Netaş has attracted foreign investors from the rising geography with the technology thanks to its strong R&D capability for Turkey since 1967. Receiving such an investment from the USA, one of the world’s technology leaders, is an indication of confidence in our country and our country’s engineering power. We are glad to have brought such high value-added investment to our country in the field of technology. This investment is also an important contribution to Turkey’s perception of the country that develops a new generation of technology in the world.”

Netaş, the Architect of Digital Transformation, continues to develop and export R&D

Eren, also said: “R&D is the core of Netaş’s growth story. Netaş who established Turkey’s first private telecom R&D 47 years ago, attracted the Nortel’s Centers of Excellence investment to İstanbul in 2006, made Turkey’s first software export and became the school for thousands of engineers so far would continue writing the success story.”

Ali Emir Eren also said; “Within our R&D structure; our NetRD company develops technologies for telecom operators in many international markets, such as the USA, Canada, and Australia. We are very happy that NetRD, which Orion Innovation purchased, continues its growth strategy with the right investment. I believe that our Turkish engineers will represent our country in the best way with their strong competencies.

Regarding our Netaş R&D, we will continue to develop the solutions and products in the field of information and communication technologies for both domestic and abroad, in line with our aim of being «Turkey’s Global Technology Company.”

Also, we will continue with our 600 engineers under the roof of Netaş R&D, for digital transformation projects in the field of telecom, finance, healthcare, energy, sports, education, government and defense, keep developing 5G and beyond technology and continue to export technology overseas. Thanks to our savings at around $4 billion to Turkey by producing technology in our own country, we will ensure to accelarate the localization efforts.”

“We’re very pleased to forge this long-term strategic relationship with new telecommunications clients and include them in our growing list of blue-chip clients.  Our mission is to drive business innovation rooted in both engineering and design thinking with deep domain expertise to serve our clients. Expanding our specialized telecommunications team in Europe aligns perfectly with our business objectives,” said Raj Patil, CEO of Orion Innovation.

“Netas has built a great R&D team with decades of in-depth knowledge in ICT and I am excited to welcome a team of 400 highly skilled engineers into our company,” said Alex Bogachek, CEO of Orion’s Digital Product Development Division. “This R&D site in Turkey greatly expands our delivery capabilities and, along with our other sites in Russia, Romania, Serbia and Lithuania, will continue to build cutting edge solutions for our clients in Europe and the US.”

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