Netaş, Turkey’s innovation and digital transformation company, won the “Innovative Product in the Grand Firm Category” award at the 19th TESID Innovation and Creativity Awards with its mobile device farm (device farm) “Visium Farm” product. Visium Farm, which was originally developed by Netaş’s test center and which provides services to many companies, especially Turkey’s largest four banks and all telecom operators in the field of software quality and testing, collects mobile phones and tablets in one or more centers, providing access to all devices from anywhere with its user-friendly web interface. It also mediates the rapid execution of mobile test automations in serial or parallel with industry standard mobile automation test support.

The applications, which easily access all mobile devices from browsers, provide the convenience of manual testing, as well as shortening test run times and eliminating errors. Thus, while making the best use of automation, it also increases the benefit and efficiency to be obtained from mobile device use.

Especially with the increase of remote working with Covid-19, Visium Farm provides test engineers and developers an easy and uninterrupted access to the phones they need. Visium Farm makes it easy to keep the customer experience in mobile applications at a high level and to quickly find and fix software bugs. Unlike emulators, it tests on real mobile devices and gives more detailed results about applications. It also enables the real end-user experience to be analyzed more efficiently.

Highlights of Visium Farm

  • Scalable Architecture
  • Harness environment for manual and automation testing
  • LDAP Integration (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) / MS AD Integration
  • Captcha and Two-factor authentication support
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Application Library Management
  • Unlimited integration with REST API (Representational State Transfer)
  • Recording of manual and automation test sessions
  • Secure access to all devices from a single IP (SSL)
  • Device location change simulation
  • Remote debuging for developers
  • Optimizing device usage performance at slow connection speeds mobile device inventory recording

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