Many business-critical applications now run outside of the public cloud. According to Cloudflight data, 60 to 80 percent of these apps run in a private cloud or on-premises servers. On the other hand, modernizing old applications and moving them to the cloud stands out as a significant trend. When the development processes of applications designed to run in the cloud, called cloud-native, are added, the migration to the cloud and completing the digital transformation takes a lot of effort and time for IT teams and developers. However, solutions such as VMware Tanzu can make these processes more manageable.

The VMware Tanzu product line offers a comprehensive solution for modern applications. Supporting IT teams and developers in various areas and application scenarios with Kubernetes Grid, Mission Control, and Application Catalog products, Tanzu also accelerates business processes.

VMware Tanzu, offered with the consultancy of Netaş experts, provides an effective solution for application modernization with its advanced features for product development in the cloud environment.

VMware Tanzu product line

The VMware Tanzu products that you can use with the support of Netaş software and test teams competent in cloud-native applications, microservices, and legacy applications are listed as follows:

  1. Basic Edition
    This entry-level product enables existing virtual machine systems to be easily added to the container cluster. The Basic Edition is ideal for those who use standard applications rather than self-developed ones and run containers on servers at their location.
  2. Standard Edition
    This edition is developed for enterprises operating in a multi-cloud environment. The centralized management capabilities of the product provide complete automation and standardization for all Kubernetes clusters, whether in the public cloud or data centers.
  3. Advanced Edition
    Advanced Edition is developed with advanced capabilities for enterprises that build their applications and aim to manage all processes with a singular platform. Thanks to its modular features, this product provides management, automation, and protection in line with the modern DevSecOps processes.

Application modernization becomes easier with rich services in the Tanzu catalog

VMware Tanzu includes many services based on the open-source Kubernetes system. Services, including Application Service, Build Service, App Catalog, Data Service, K8S Grid, Mission Control, Observability, Service Mesh, Labs, accelerate business processes by supporting IT teams and developers.

Tanzu Mission Control, one of the most prominent among these services, is a platform that provides centralized management of general and security operations of Kubernetes infrastructures and applications running in different cloud environments.

Tanzu Application Catalog simplifies the work of developers with many open source modules, including application components, databases, and runtimes. A remarkable advantage of this catalog, along with its rich content, is that the containers tested on many platforms are regularly checked.

To summarize, it is possible to achieve the following advantages with VMware Tanzu solutions:

  • Suitable development environment and tools for containerized applications
  • Architecture and tools that support on-premises, private cloud, or public cloud
  • Services for monitoring and managing containers and their microservice-based applications
  • Open source, up-to-date, and tested 3rd party modules that can be integrated
  • Structure designed for DevSecOps practices

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