The future begins by tomorrow with Netaş

Within the scope of rapid and agile sustainability-based transformation accelerated by digitalization, Netaş aims to create effective and long-term value for its stakeholders through its inherent technology competence.

Netaş continues to support Turkey’s sustainable development for more than half a century, with the firsts it has implemented, its contributions to the economy through employment, investments and exports, and social investments.

The United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals express a common framework that must be reached by 2030 to eradicate poverty, protect natural resources and ensure well-being for all segments of society. Netaş is also aware of the important role of technology and the business world in the realization of these goals and aims to contribute under the umbrella of “Netaş Platform for a Better Life”.

Under the “Netaş Platform for a Better Life”, Netaş focuses on areas where technology can use its healing and transformative power most effectively in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals specified in the United Nations Development Program. In this way, it offers its strongest muscle, namely technology, in the direction of the society’s economic, social and environmental development.

Sustainable Development Goals we support with our projects

GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being
GOAL 4: Quality Education
GOAL 5: Gender Equality
GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality
GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
GOAL 13: Climate Action
GOAL 14: Life Below Water
GOAL 17: Partnerships to Achieve the Goal

Netaş carries out its sustainability activities under four main titles

The company prioritize social and environmental benefit and continues to carry out its sustainability activities under four main titles:

  1. Focuses on developing new generation smart technologies and digital transformation projects that will support the efficient use of energy resources and reduction of carbon footprint.
  2. Puts equal opportunity and rural development as a priority with projects that provide social benefits.
  3. It supports entrepreneurs for the sustainable growth of its ecosystem and works to increase the rate of women in the sector.
  4. With its Environment, Health, and Safety Policy, it fulfils its responsibilities and commitments towards the environment.
Supporting sustainable development by moving Turkey to the digital age

With its strong R&D and leadership in system integration, Netaş works for Turkey’s development based on a sustainable life with reference digital transformation projects from public to transportation, from energy to entertainment, from retail to education, from telecom technologies to defense. It supports the construction of smart cities and develops new generation technologies that serve to protect natural resources and the environment.

In this context, Netaş established the Smart City Consortium, bringing together 24 institutions and organizations consisting of universities, start-ups, and technology companies in order to focus on developing integrated smart solutions regarding energy efficiency, building management, emergency management, healthcare, environment and waste management, parking and transportation systems. Continuing its work with 360 international organizations in the EU Horizon, Netaş also develops sustainable projects such as smart fish farms and smart agriculture under this roof.

On the other hand, thanks to the effective cloud computing solutions it offers, many organizations no longer have to use their own data and server hardware. By procuring only the services they need, they do not have to invest in hardware, which is often idle and can save on the energy costs of this equipment.

Netaş Platform for a Better Life

The technical expertise and passion of Netaş steer not only its commercial activities but also its social benefit efforts. In this direction, Netaş, through its understanding of “Our future is our values and technology at our core”, gathers all the sustainability and social benefit efforts it has materialized for a better life and a better future under the roof of “Netaş Platform for a Better Life”.

With this platform where the company realizes exemplary projects in a wide range of fields from the environment to education and diversity, Netaş aims to enhance and expand the scope of its projects that support all its stakeholders, which it believes will contribute to a sustainable life with technology, especially the digital architects of the future, that means our children and start-ups.

Turns technology into equal opportunity in education

Netaş is using the power of technology to support the social equality of opportunity. Accordingly, within the scope of Fatih Project, it installed the internet infrastructure of thousands of schools in Turkey. In addition, it built technology classes that set an example in its region. The Robotics and Innovation classes that Netaş built in a primary school in İzmir, where it established its ICT infrastructure, have today become the technology education base for primary schools in İzmir and its surrounding region. With the same understanding, the company established the ICT infrastructure of a school in Istanbul and built technology classes in it.

Netaş supported a school built in Istanbul for children with disabilities and supported the Gören Göz Project, which aims to enable visually impaired people to act more independently and to facilitate their living conditions.

Strengthening its ecosystem

Netaş aims to contribute to building a sustainable world on technology with new generations to which it provides digital capabilities. With this understanding, the company focuses on the development of children and young people with technology, and on the creation of suitable environments for future entrepreneurs to grow healthy. So it supports the ecosystem in two dimensions.

Netaş launched the “NextCoders Program” in order to raise generations that question the needs of the digital age, can look analytically, and have high problem-solving skills. With this program, the company provides training both to the children of its employees and to students in demanding schools with its volunteer engineers. The scope of the program is updated every year with developing technologies. The 40-week NextCoders program, consisting of Mathematics, Coding and Artificial Intelligence training, continues to give graduates.

Technology entrepreneurs, who are important players in the ecosystem, are supported by both mentoring activities and seven companies under the Netaş Wesley Clover fund, established by Netaş in 2015. With the ‘Netaş as a Platform’ structure, R&D and sales channel support are provided to technology SMEs.

Netaş launched a mentor and mentee program with the Turkish Education Foundation (TEV) in order to support women’s employment, especially in technology. With this program, the company supports female university students to empower them in their future business life. In the program, which has been going on for three years, mentors met with TEV’s university scholarship holders at regular intervals and transferred their experiences, competencies and visions to the younger generations. The company also continues to work with the Wtech Women’s Association in Technology, with this understanding.

Supporting young people in international platforms

Netaş shares the enthusiasm of young people with STEM Team Sponsorships on national and international platforms. In this context, it supports middle school and high school students to participate in national and international competitions with their own ideas and projects. Accordingly, Netaş supported the ITU Robotic Search and Rescue Team in 2021.

Believing in the importance of peer education, Netaş adopts the understanding of “Only children understand and inspire children best”. Accordingly, the company brings together the members of the team that it supports in robotics and coding competition platforms at home and abroad, and children under the umbrella of NextCoders together, so they share their experiences. Thus, effective role modeling is provided to children.

Diversity in the foundation of 55 years of the corporate culture

The success of women engineers in Netaş inspires women who want to pursue a career in technology. Netaş Diversity Principles were created to define diversity, which is the basis of 55 years of Netaş culture, within a certain framework. All Netaş employees are committed to these principles.

Netaş, one of the supporters of WEPs (Women Empowerment Principles), Global Compact, and HeforShe, advocates for inclusion and diversity on international platforms.

Biodiversity for sustainability: Netaş Healing Forest

Within the “Netaş Healing Forest” project in Gaziköy, a village in Tekirdağ, Netaş aims the protection of the healing plants in an environmental plan, and to provide an alternative source of income from the forest other than wood for Gaziköy villagers, in rural development. 

In the project, 23 kinds of medicinal plants with an economical value are grown. In 2020, Netaş collaborated with e-cording, one of the brightest initiatives of the start-up ecosystem, as both companies believe that the power of technology serves the best for sustainability in both rural development and nature. 

Within the scope of the cooperation, 40 thousand sage seed capsules were thrown to the soil in Netaş Healing Forest with the help of drones. The project became a source of income for the women of Gaziköy, which prepared 40 thousand seed balls. With this project, where women’s labor meets smart technology, Netaş aims to support biodiversity while contributing to the transformation of forest villagers into exporters.

Joined forces for our forests
After the forest fires in 2021 in various regions of our country, which has a unique nature and ecological diversity, Netaş made a corporate donation to the “We Will Regenerate” campaign initiated by the TEMA Foundation for the reforestation of the areas damaged by the fire.
Volunteer for community development

Working to be a pioneer not only in digital transformation but also in social transformation, Netaş Gönüllüleri takes part in projects aiming to increase social awareness in education, environment, health and many different issues. 

Volunteers contributed to the happiness of the students of four village schools in Manisa and Diyarbakır with the materials they collected in the storage boxes placed in Kurtköy and Maltepe offices in August 2021.

Netaş Aid Foundation for the Education of Orphans

The Netaş Aid Foundation for the Education of Orphans, which is fully funded by Netaş employees, has been operating for 31 years. 

Providing scholarship to children who lost their parents while they were working at Netaş, the Foundation continued to provide scholarships to three students, one of whom was studying at high school, one at university, and the other doing graduate studies in 2021.

Vocational High Schools Mentoring Program
With the Private Sector Volunteers Association (ÖSGD), of which it is a member, Netaş aims to transfer all its know-how as Turkey’s engineering school, the experience of each Netaş employee – as unique as their fingerprints, its competencies and vision to the younger generations, and to convey it to high school students. With this purpose, the Association and Netaş conducted a mentoring program together.
An environmentally friendly company

Within the framework of the Environment, Health, and Safety Policy, which entered into force in 1997, Netaş constantly observes the use of raw materials and energy more efficiently, taking necessary measures to protect the ecological balance, acting with environmental awareness in order to protect human health and the environment. Environmental Board consisting of environmental experts, assumes control, consultancy, and implementation roles, and is responsible for the review of the environmental management system, monitoring the current approvals/licenses and permits for processes and making annual declarations on legal legislation. In addition, Netaş carries out activities for controlling greenhouse gas emissions resulting from its activities, determining risks/opportunities, participating voluntarily in the protection of the ecological environment, and preparing a CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) Report. External audit regarding the environment is carried out by TÜV NORD firm.

Netaş employees supported the World Hour – Solidarity Hour, implemented by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) around the world to draw attention to climate change, by turning off the lights in their homes and offices this year as well.

"Open Letter to G20 Leaders" signatory
Respecting the world, trying to use natural resources in the most efficient way and focusing on circular economy solutions, Netaş has become a signatory to the “Open Letter to G20 Leaders” initiated by the “We Mean Business Coalition” to improve national climate targets.
Sustainability in the supply chain

Netaş applies a detailed sustainability policy in its supply chain for social and economic sustainability. 

There are audit and blacklist systems to ensure that all suppliers comply with the Supply Chain Management Ethical Principles and Rules. In this context, it strongly expresses its opposition to discrimination, unequal wage policies, child labor, precarious work, corruption, and environmentally harmful activities.

Good Ideas come to life in ideaLab

The ideaLab Platform is to materialize the ideas of Netaş employees, who very much like to pursue the “new” and the “more”. Each employee who says “I’ve an idea!” can log in to the platform enter their idea into the system. Then the journey of the idea begins.

There are two main topics for ideas on the platform. The first one is business ideas, regarding a new product, service, or market, or ideas to enhance existing practices regarding these. The other is ideas on business processes. These are ideas regarding improvements on the workflow or operation of departments and project suggestions.

The ideaLab has a very important role in supporting innovation, creative thinking, and activating productive minds. In addition, it will be of great benefit in terms of identifying the sectoral needs and opportunities by directly using the observations of the employees who do the job/work. Employees will not only have the opportunity to present their ideas to decision-makers but will also play an active role in bringing the idea to life.

Netaş employees in figures

The average age of Netaş employees is 32 and 30 percent of the employees are women. The total number of employees reached 2,140 by the end of 2021.

The currency which the compensation is paid for the Exectutives/Board Members is TRY for Turkish citizens and USD for expats.

The percentage of executive members that have a cultural background different from the location of our corporate HQ is %16,7.

Ethical & Compliance Principles and Rules Applicable to Supply Chain Management

You may find our Ethical & Compliance Principles and Rules Applicable to Supply Chain Management

Internal Audit Department Reporting

The purpose of the Internal Audit Directorate is to evaluate the effectiveness of the Company’s risk management, control and governance processes through independent and objective assurance and consultancy activities. Thus, it is aimed to improve its activities and add value to the company by contributing to the realization of business processes and its objectives. The Internal Audit Directorate applies a systematic and disciplined approach to achieve this goal.

Internal Audit department report to Audit Committee directly. The department has established in end of 2021. The team consists of three people. Internal Audit department receives external consultancy when necessary.

The Audit Committee controls and directs Internal Audit department’s work by holding regular meetings. Quarterly review meetings are held.
You may find our İnternal Audit Department Reporting

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