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With our deep-rooted history and innovative approach in the area of information and communication technologies, we continue to provide end-to-end solutions and technology services to service providers and institutions in local and international markets.

As Turkey’s leading system integrator, we undersign digital transformation projects that will bring our country to the future. We continue to make a difference and provide added value to our country with our R&D Center where more than 800 of our engineers are at work. With unique solutions developed in our R&D and our strategic cooperation with world’s leading technology suppliers, we offer services that increase work efficiency in all industries. Thanks to our strength in R&D, we localize the globally competitive technology solutions of our main shareholder ZTE.

Since our establishment, we have built the telecommunication infrastructure of our country and transferred technology to foreign markets by developing the most modern communication technologies locally. With our competency in providing international scale services and R&D cooperation, we offer software solutions to world’s leading operators. We take steps to increase our activities in markets like Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Algeria.

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